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Play Travel

and Help

This program seeks to enhance the image of Colombia as a tourist destination, which promote cultural exchanges and sports, in addition to supporting the soccer schools with sport implements, with the goal of motivating communities to continue their social work through the sport.

History of Play Travel and Help

Our project was born with the vision to transform tourism into a tool for help. We merged sport and cultural diversity, to join hearts and make a difference. We wanted to convert each destination in an opportunity to promote values through sports and help local communities.

We believe in the power of sport to break down barriers, celebrating the diversity and generate a positive impact. With Play, Travel and Help our mission is to transcend borders, leaving a trail of hope and solidarity in each place that we visited.

Play, Travel and Help to carried visitors different parts of the united States, as Chicago and New York different cities of Colombia, among which the following stand out Cartagena, Santa Marta, Riohacha, Colombia and Manizales, in these sites matches were played soccer and baseball and was carried humanitarian aid to surrounding communities, and supported the social work of other foundations, such as sports schools who sponsor young people without resources or with special conditions, such was the case of the Patrol Down in Magdalena.

But our project has the aim to unite different cultures and to reach many more places of our geography, we also have a long list of communities that we want to support,

In our tours, sporting, not only we visited amazing places, and we compete with local teams passionate. We go further: we bring hope, inspiration, and help with us.

Each destination is an opportunity to extend the hand to communities in need. From the emotion of a match up to the warm embrace to deliver donationseach moment count. Our goal is to go beyond the limits of the field, and leave a positive impression in every place that we visited.

Do you join this adventure of change? Let join us to be part of a movement that transcends the sport! With each new visitor, we expanded our scope, we multiply the impact and we help to more territories that need it.

Play, travel, and help with us!

Are you part of a sport team with a spirit of solidarity? This is your chance to make the difference! Join us on our trips full of meaning, where each party is an opportunity to make a real contribution. Help us to bring hope, joy and donations to disadvantaged communities.